Nutybite Blog 6 Main Benefits of Non-GMO Foods

6 Main Benefits of Non-GMO Foods

We have great news to share! Nutybite is now certified as a Non-GMO product! 

Plants or animals that have had their structural DNA altered through genetic engineering are known as genetically modified organisms or GMOs. In addition, individual engineering may transfer individual genes from one species to another, often known as Gene Technology.

Genetic modification has been utilized for various commercial and industrial goals, most notably in the food industry, including disease resistance, improved nutrition, increased agricultural production, and the creation of certain desired traits in the species. 

Despite the promises of GMO seeds, medical and scientific research continues to show that they are not the answer to eliminating world hunger, enhancing nutrition, and increasing yields. GMOs, on the other hand, are prevalent in food systems across the world.  Here are 6 benefits that can be gained from eating non-GMO nutrition foods.

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Freedom from Toxic Chemicals

GMO foods are farmed using synthetic or chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, all leaving traces in the food regardless of how well it is washed on the exterior. As a result of no longer ingesting GMO foods, many symptoms of poor health begin to decrease or disappear for many people who choose organic, organically grown foods.

Freedom from Antibiotics and Growth Hormones

Antibiotics and growth hormones have not been introduced into non-GMO animal meals, which may disrupt the human body. In addition, antibiotic usage can result in drug-resistant microorganisms, lowering the body's general immunity and increasing illness vulnerability.

Fresher Foods

Chemical preservatives are used in genetically modified foods to help them live longer, which means your food may not be as fresh as it appears. Foods are only healthy for the body if picked fresh from the farm. If you wait any longer, the nutrients' efficacy will decline.


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Environmentally friendly

GMO crops are cultivated in a chemical-rich environment, which causes soil erosion and sterility over time and increases pollution and the need for significantly more energy, burdening the earth's natural resources.

Contains More Nutrients

Organically farmed non-GMO foods have been discovered to be higher in nutrients such as omega fatty acids, as well as a variety of essential vitamins and minerals.

Are they all-natural?

The fact that non-GMO foods are 100 percent natural, mainly when cultivated organically utilizing natural agriculture techniques, is perhaps the most significant element to consider. Natural food promotes healthy living and sustainability and improves the overall quality of life. Non–GMO foods are devoid of chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides, which may be life-threatening to the body in the long run.

Thanks to Non-GMO project, we are proud to be certified as a Non-GMO product. Try our granola clusters and be sure that they are made with the best functional ingredients. Besides that, Nutybite clusters contain only 3 to 4g of sugar without artificial flavours or preservatives. Our balanced blend of all-natural and high-quality ingredients is a good source of fibre and plant-based fat. Click here to try!

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