Nutybite Blog Why is everyone obsessed with granola

Why is everyone obsessed with granola?

A tasty and hearty breakfast is what most of us want in the morning. Granola is the best option for everyone who monitors their diet, wants to stay in shape, or works long and productively. This product has grown in popularity primarily due to its health benefits. Together, we will consider all its advantages. 

Many people are still confused between granola and muesli. They appear similar on the surface, but their consistency and technique of cooking differ. 

The major difference is that granola is always baked, whereas muesli is not. Granola and muesli are really similar. Their composition may even be the same, but the cooking method is different. Both are prepared mainly from oatmeal, although other cereals. The texture of muesli is more crumbly and less stable compared to granola. At the same time, granola is famous for its lumpy structure, which is achieved thanks to special thermal treatment. An important distinguishing feature of granola is its unpredictable composition, thanks to which you can experiment and create new dishes with a unique taste every time.

The bulk of muesli consists of cereal flakes, the percentage of added nuts and dried fruits are small. Granola is more nutritious. It has a much larger amount of nuts, dried fruits, and grains. 


The digestive benefits are various. Granola plays an essential role in controlling food absorption. In addition, fibre induces the production of digestive fluids and accelerates the peristaltic motions of muscles in the intestines.

Weight loss:

Granola is a ready-to-eat meal and helps the body to saturate with energy. Granola is usually low in cholesterol and salt, two of the leading causes of chronic obesity—also; granola aids in absorbing liquid and swells, which makes the body feel full. As a result, it suppresses appetite and prevents the release of ghrelin, a hormone that causes the body to feel hungry.

Increased energy:

Granola recipes are mostly a concentrated source of energy. The energy that allows you to stay positive, work longer, and so on. Granola does not overload your body with sugar, leaving you tired and exhausted after an energetic outburst. Instead, it can saturate the blood with manganese, one of the essential minerals in the body.

Of course, not all granola has so many health benefits. To improve the product's taste, many manufacturers do not hesitate to use various fillers and preservatives. 

In granola, you can find sugar, multiple oils, and even marshmallows and chocolate. These and other additives diversify the product's taste but increase the calorie content of an already good high-calorie product. Having researched the market, it was essential for us to create an entirely new product. Nutybite recipe helps to improve your health with better nutrition and a minimum amount of sugar.

We made clusters thinking about your convenience and productivity. They are small enough to fit in any purse or pocket on the go. Nutybite can also be consumed for breakfast with milk, yogurt or a smoothie. The clusters are low in calories and sugars but high in protein and fiber, allowing you to refuel your body with energy for the rest of the day. The recipe is a blend of nuts, spices, herbs, and seeds make it a balanced meal with all the needed nutrients and saving precious time in the morning or during your snack time!


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